Work in this area is limited to specific projects that we engage from time to time. Film finance is risky. Assumption of risk is the key, often predicated on the effectiveness and commitment of marketing and distribution modalities that is secured before the project is undertaken. We work with clients who have secured a certain amount of commitment towards these goals.

FILM Documentary:

IFC Africa Department
World Bank Group/IFC

Produced a slide documentary for World Bank Group IFC Africa Department (1994-1997). The production plays for 60 minutes featuring over 600 slides synchronized to narration, special effects and music. Wrote the screenplay and photographed over 1,000 images in Africa for the production, some of which were published in IFC annual reports and other publications. Narrated and synchronized images to music and special sound effects.

Part I: overview of world history bringing us to the present moment.

Part II: presents visual images, narratives and interviews with key IFC staff, including the Director of the Africa Department, describing IFC private sector development work in Africa and challenges for the future. Challenging generally accepted conservative notions and expressions of Africa at a time when this was uncommon, this presentation presents images of Africa that demonstrate and provide evidence of the richness, magnificence, glory and beauty of African people, geography and wildlife. Europe and Japan were fully represented in the production as well.

The slide production was well received by IFC Africa Department at 3 corporate retreats (1994-1997) and other IFC & World Bank events.


Photographs published in International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) annual reports and corporate publications:

  • “Building the Private Sector in Africa“; June 1995, Pages 14, 32, 38 and 42.
  • “Report to the Donor Community“; Pages 3, 34, 35, 37, 38, 40, 42 (lower) and 43.
  • “Africa Business Network.”
  • 1997 Annual Report; Pages 22, 114, 118, 126, 152.
  • 1996 Annual Report; Page 17 (eco-tourism).
  • 1995 Annual Report; Page 83.
  • “IFC Review”; Fall, 1995: Page 9

Received lucite encased award of appreciation from IFC Corporation Relations for photography contributions to 1997 annual report.