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Banking Crisis on the Horizon


How Will This Affect World Bank Group Pension Plans? By E. Anthony Shields, CPA, MBA, Former World Bank and IFC's Financial Accounting Policy Specialist. Under The World Bank Articles of Association should the Bank face bankruptcy through country default due to global economic crisis, which is on the horizon for March 2023, staff pension assets [...]

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Corruption, Fraud & Financial Statements


The Madoff story has more to do with corruption than it has to do with fraud, audit, reporting statements, standards and procedures. Fraud is just the icing on the cake and that story, in my opinion, has yet to be told in a clear, concise and effective way off-screen, on-screen and in print. Corruption is [...]

Corruption, Fraud & Financial Statements2022-04-07T15:21:04-04:00

Managing Risks in Volatile Markets


The reason for the global financial crisis is negative interest rate spreads, i.e., the lowering of interest rates below the normalized annual rate of inflation running globally at about 5.5% - 6.0%. The Federal Reserve Bank must publicly admit that by bringing the Fed Funds rate below the rate of inflation that it has in [...]

Managing Risks in Volatile Markets2022-04-07T15:25:05-04:00

E.R.O.S.I.O.N: Seven Deadly Sins of the 2008 Financial Crash!


Tips on How to Make Money & Keep It! THE EYE OF HORUS The drop in the American economy that wiped out more than $2 trillion dollars in global financial wealth in less than an instant of historical time occurred as a result of poorly designed and executed monetary and fiscal policies where in this [...]

E.R.O.S.I.O.N: Seven Deadly Sins of the 2008 Financial Crash!2022-04-07T21:22:09-04:00

Serena $39 Million Hotel Project in East Africa


Tanzania Tourism Sector Receives $39M Boost Investment: With the opening of a string of hotel lodges on the the Northern Circuit and establishment of a prime Zanzibar venture and hotel center, the Serena Hotels in Tanzania has become East Africa's most desirable and comprehensive group of hotels and lodges. Read the rest of newspaper article [...]

Serena $39 Million Hotel Project in East Africa2022-04-07T21:25:43-04:00
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