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Managing Risks in Volatile Markets


The reason for the global financial crisis is negative interest rate spreads, i.e., the lowering of interest rates below the normalized annual rate of inflation running globally at about 5.5% - 6.0%. The Federal Reserve Bank must publicly admit that by bringing the Fed Funds rate below the rate of inflation that it has in [...]

Managing Risks in Volatile Markets2022-04-07T15:25:05-04:00

E.R.O.S.I.O.N: Seven Deadly Sins of the 2008 Financial Crash!


Tips on How to Make Money & Keep It! THE EYE OF HORUS The drop in the American economy that wiped out more than $2 trillion dollars in global financial wealth in less than an instant of historical time occurred as a result of poorly designed and executed monetary and fiscal policies where in this [...]

E.R.O.S.I.O.N: Seven Deadly Sins of the 2008 Financial Crash!2022-04-07T21:22:09-04:00
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