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The Consulting Services

We are committed and seasoned business professionals with strong and sound knowledge of finance, international banking, project finance, audit and accounting policy.

Areas include:

  • project finance,
  • strategic business planning,
  • mergers and acquisitions,
  • business restructuring,
  • business expansion and development and
  • interpretation and implementation of FASB and IASB accounting standards to develop accounting policy.
Cloud Based Finance

Project Finance

Responsible for all aspects of project finance from idea generation, business plan/feasibility study evaluation, risks/issues identification and mitigation, project structuring and financing, investment evaluation, appraisal and credit analysis, exit strategy, board presentation and credit approval.

Result: consistently achieve well structured projects that are commercially viable in their operating environment for over US$500 million in new business. All projects completed on schedule and within budget.

Business Development

Provide services to companies in business development, project finance, deal structuring, project appraisal and accounting. Advise on cross-border investment in telecom sector with respect to structuring, market, economics & funding. Advise on project finance opportunities in power and real estate sectors. Work closely with business owners and principals to achieve strategic business objectives with respect to business structure, markets, operations and acquisitions. Clients in financial services, hotels, healthcare, entertainment and digital media.

Strategic Management

  • Restructure & change shareholding structure.
  • Develop new marketing plan.
  • Develop media contacts, using celebrities.
  • Structure and negotiate contracts with legal.
  • Prepare terms of new shareholders’ agreement.
  • Advise on funding and cash management.
  • Develop operations and internal control procedures.

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